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The Most Complete Course In Magick Ever Released!



along the way also Eliminate Problems, Pains, and Troubles...


What if you really could

Open the doors to Abundance, Better Health, Increased Happiness, Peace of Mind, and add more Love into your life right now with Magick?

No! not simply open doors... but completely smash them wide open!

Wouldn't you like to have time-tested and proven Magick designed to give you all this?

delivered right into your hands now?   

If you do... then read on... and find out how this can all become your reality...


Attention All Prospective magicians: witches, sorcerers, and occultists of any experience.

Imagine guaranteeing that almost all your rituals, spells, and ceremonies you perform bring you better results than you ever expected?

Sound too good to be true right?

WRONG! It is possible, let me show you how!

Learn all that has been missing from your present magickal knowledge... pinpoint the elusive missing parts that will take your results to new heights!

What would this mean for your life Right Now?

Erase “Blank results and rituals gone wrong Panic” for Good...with This 100% hands-on practical 1-year comprehensive course Blueprint on Real Magick for manifesting change!

A powerful, proven system developed by one of the most successful modern magicians in the world.

Now his once closed-door inner circle amaranth phoenix temple magickal training course can be yours …

Nothing is by Chance

You are probably wondering how you got here? right now to have found this page...

Well, I believe you found this by no mere coincidence...and I have a suspicion you know that to be real too.

So let's get right down to it, shall we?

...Have you ever had that inner deeper feeling inside you that something propelled you to click and be right here now looking at this page?

that nothing is by chance when the time is right?

You are not alone...

You found this page because more than likely you were meant to find it...

Synchronicity is very real and perhaps the time is right...perhaps this is your time!

Listen, I know what it's like to feel tired, frustrated, annoyed even, at all those books and courses you've taken on magick that turned out to be duds?

You were seeking powerful magickal abilities and yet you got very little of anything to use.

You wanted something, needed even ...what actually worked...but finding it has been elusive!

till now that is... read on...and learn why?

But what if you really could get your hands on a real hands-on course in powerful Magick

and what if you could easily learn how to use it to transform your life into one with more abundance, happiness, health, love, and a lifestyle you have only dreamt of?

What would this be worth to you?

Take a minute and think about it... take a moment to soak this thought in...

in one year...what if you really could master and be able to wield effective magick designed to magically empower every area of you as a living being to unheard-of levels?.



Finally...Yes Finally!

You get to learn  Real Magick, from a magician that has walked the walk and created an amazing lifestyle as well as eliminated pain, problems, defeated curses, hexes, and baneful magick hurled at by some of the worlds most malicious evildoers on earth.

With This magick, I was able to overcome, sidestep and quickly get through major difficulties...all with the methods and principles and training you will finally get your hands on in this 1-year Magickal training opportunity.

I am talking about real-time tested Magickal methods enhanced and refined to work for the 21st century.

This Magick has been proven to work for anyone who makes the time to put in a solid effort!

This course in Magick will help you attain Magickal Success, Abundance, and prosperity, attract more happiness, open new doors and uplift every area of your life...just like it has me and every single individual that has completed this course.

Not to mention...this magickal training will make you a formidable magician of considerable abilities ...once you complete this life-changing course, nothing will ever be able to get in your way, nothing will be able to hurt you and no one will ever want to mess with you.

And the kicker is that it is actually easier to attain all this than you ever thought possible!

You just never have been shown how to, probably because those you learned from hadn't attained it either.

Picture this...

What would it be like if you could begin a time-efficient, no fluff, no-nonsense practical training course in Real Magick, that had an enormous amount of highly sought-after instantly useable content, whether you are a beginner, or much more seasoned practitioner of the magickal arts?

A course that enabled you to return to it time and time again and upscale your magickal abilities?

And whilst you did the work, you saw amazing results entering and affecting your life very positively...you gained that long-sought promotion, you aced that interview, you walk into any room and almost immediately people show you friendship and respect.

Opportunities to make friends, gain love, earn money, release debt, worry, and struggle just keep falling into your lap...

Yes, this course in Magick is designed to draw in the exact life-changing divine energies that are missing from almost all forms of magick out there simply because they weren't aware of these energies...but they are the same energies that so-called savants, master magicians, and all those that prospered tapped into, for centuries.

This is all very real!

Imagine being able to draw these energies into you and linking up with the divine magical currents that enable all this to become a reality... in anyone's lives that taps into and magically uses it.

Well... it's all here...waiting for you to do just that.

But none of this can happen unless you put in the time to practice what will be revealed to you.


This is a hands-on practical course, so if you don't have the drive to really want to practice real magick and don't want to make an effort...then turn away now, go to McDonald's and order a burger ...and do something else.


This is for those who truly want more...the most out of life and Will make an effort to Master the methods in this course of powerful life-changing Magick!


Now I should point out, this was originally intended as a private training device for one of the world's most successful closed-door magickal groups in Japan.

Every one of their magicians has used this training program.

It's responsible for generating some of the most successful groups of people ( this doesn't mean richest) although each has definitely done very well financially...what I mean is that each has gone on to improve their lives to extremely happy and satisfying levels and they swear that this magickal training is very much responsible for helping them get there.

And yet, this is the first time this “magickal blueprint” has been made available for the public.

It’s powerful yet simple. Virtually anybody — even new magicians — can use it.

It Will Work For You Too!

It’s a gift for experienced magicians too because they can use it to enhance every magickal rite, spell, or ritual. That's because it’s filled with proven insights and tips on mastering how to draw down and amplify their magick to an entirely new level.

Each month you unlock access to the next power-packed magickal training module.

Here's a sneak peek at what’s included in this groundbreaking magick training  course 


Have you been looking for a course that truly built up tremendous magickal energy within you, that missing link merely touched upon in other books and courses, that missing link that would wow you with its effectiveness...if you could ever find it?

Imagine how your life would drastically improve, benefit, and all those once closed and impenetrable doors would all open up for you?

Are the above merely claims?

I think it is good to be skeptical and every book or course on magick should be backed up with a 100% money-back guarantee... with an open challenge to prove it!

You should also not merely take my word for it, but look and read at the testimonials of the many who participated in the pre-release trials.

Wherever you are now, no matter what your experience level, I promise you this!

If you put your full effort into this course, within the first two months, you will notice:

- A dramatic increase in Magickal Energy pulsating and buzzing beneficially within your body

- More opportunities in your physical and spiritual life appear

- Doors that were forever closed to you begin to unlock and open

-Seemingly impenetrable barriers to your growth, success, and happiness crash and allow the goodness that was denied you to flood into your life

-A general uplift in well being, mood and contentment

- All your magickal workings show definite results whereas before you may have failed or couldn't see anything happening

If this sounds like something YOU would like to explore, please read on...

If you are someone that is action-oriented, has the discipline to practice magick daily, and isn't Lazy...then this IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU! at the very least it is something you should seriously consider.

However, if you are an armchair magician, unmotivated and lethargic...then this is not for you so please move on and have a great day! YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW...

ARE you ready for more? If you have made it this far then that means you ARE READY...so let's dive right in...

This Course is limited to the First 50 people who signup...after that, the page will close even if there are still days remaining on the clock...SO BE QUICK  & GET IN WHILST YOU CAN!

12 CORE MODULES  unlock 1 per month, each one a course in its own right! that's a Huge value found nowhere else right there.

plus 13 powerful special Course webinars, unlocked 1 per month 


Hands down the best course on Magick Ever!

Let me clarify...I was chosen to test trial this one-year course in Magick last year.

I was thinking yeah right!? another crappy magick course? ok, bring it on. I was ready to get in on the chance to explode the myth and hype about yet another offering on magick.

However, right from the get-go, when I received the first two months of training in a manual and videos, I was blown away...wow! this is detailed hands-on stuff! nothing was held back.

That night I prepared everything for the self-initiation.

I took my time and got everything ready, during the ritual, I felt an immense shift of polarity, I felt something was definitely happening, and even though I can't tell you my entire personal experience here...

this was mind-blowing...an initiation definitely took place and I felt the linking to an energy current that I had never experienced before that centered me and gave me what I now consider was a huge boost in an overall sense of well-being as well as empowerment.

The building of the tree of life in the sphere of sensation was completely new to me and simply power charged me to yet another level, The building of a powerful Magickal mirror was detailed, and although it took me a few months to master, it works! it really works!

And what a fantastic skill in magick to have. The advantage it has given me since then is like having a miracle maker at my disposal.

Modules on Energy building that I have never seen anywhere else, Job hunting magick and real interview methods that work, the combination of powerful practical magick as well as real-world pro tips astounded me and were really helpful in my real-world job hunt. I ended up landing a dream job at Costco in management because of it.

The Module on Spells and Psalms was simply amazing, Effective spirit magick, Frequencies that propel success, Re-inventing yourself, Attack Magick, Ancestral Magick, Prosperity magick...there was a tone in this course, and it is 95% practical.

I have never experienced such a thorough and instantly useable course in magick as this and I have taken them all...courses by Authors, Youtube magic celebs, and supposed leaders of Temples...yet I can say that this course blows them all away!

If you were to get only one course in Magick ever, then this has to be it! and what a bargain you get...

This easily would be worth a thousand dollars or more I mean the first 2 months of training that you initially receive is an impressive full color 282 fully illustrated manual with several key videos.

It's packed and you will be able to go back to it and keep on learning useful stuff from it for years to come...and this was only module 1 and...there are 12 amazing modules in this brilliant course of Real Magick.

I have used the magick to improve my life and I give it 2 thumbs up, get it it is really worth it!

Terry J.

Software Engineer, NEWYORK STATE

The most useful complete course in  Magick out there!

It is a real-life changer, if you haven't already then you owe it to yourself to get in on it while it's still being offered.

You are in for an amazing ride! I loved it.

I learned so much more than I ever dreamt of, this has been the best magical training experience for me so far.

This type of Magic is incredible, I have gained more in the few months of using this special magical system than anything I ever tried in my decades of being a Wiccan Priestess.


Wiccan Priestess, SAN MARINO


  • *A 282 Full-color step-by-step A4 manual, awesomely illustrated with detailed steps found nowhere else
  • *Building and raising your power to awesome new levels
  • *The Phoenix Magickal Road Opener will allow streams of abundance and fresh opportunities into your life
  • *The Most Powerful Magickal Mirror ever-How you can build one, step-by-step detailed illustrated guide
  • *Your Personal Initiation Rite Linking You directly to Divine Magickal Energies
  • *Achieving Contact with your True Inner Guide and how to test it’s the right one
  • *Powerful Prosperity Spellwork, allow material wealth to begin entering your life
  • *Spiritual and physical energy centers, activating them with Magickal showers and Mystical dragon breathing
  • *Awakening the Real You, the Eternal Spiritual Identity and regaining Control over it in this lifetime
  • *Ancient Pagan Invocations to reconnect Your spirit harmoniously with the Divine Energies
  • *The Four Daily Divine Adorations
  • *How to form the Tree of Life in Your Sphere of sensation and the advantage it will bring you

This is only the first module out of twelve you will get and this alone is like getting a full course

  • Packed with amazing how-to steps, advice, and magick you will only find revealed here for, most for the very first time ever!
  • Gain the Power You Need To POWER CHARGE YOUR MAGICK by 400%
  • Remove Obstacles and open New doors to Success
  • Communicate with the Spirit world, Scry and Gain Esoteric Knowledge -Build your own Authentic Black Mirror of Magick
  • Link Yourself Directly to the Original Source-with This solo Initiation Ritual
  • Contact your real inner spiritual guide and avoid fakes and spirit traps
  • Learn the 5 most powerful and essential energy practices and rituals that give you a magickal advantage over those that haven’t learned them and don’t know the full forms…You can only get these tested versions here.
  • Achieve more magickal success in your first two months than most seasoned witches, magicians, occultists have in 10 years of practice…

Learn the Real Secrets of Ancient Japanese Kuji Magick and Manipulate the Matrix to your Favor! ( all revealed in detail for the very first time)


After ordering check your spam folder for an email sent from GUMROAD this email will contain your access instructions..................................

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12 powerful Life changing magickal modules, each unlocked every month, you get the accompanying special practical video for each module plus 13 unique exclusive webinars to propel you towards magickal mastery and success! This is the most complete course in practical magick ever released!

Duration of Course
1 full year -12 powerful monthly modules
Lifetime downloads and updates
Guided Special Magickal Training
13 special extra magical training webinars


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